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A Green Oasis in the City

A Green Oasis in the City

Tropical, urban, edgy and luxe, Manon Les Suites is a hotel with a very eclectic personality located in the heart of Copenhagen. And a stunning inside pool area, unique to the city, takes this establishment to the next level.

Roomy apartment-style suites are located around an incredible central pool area, its likes not to be found anywhere else in the Danish capital.

The pool factor is a delicious cherry on top because Manon Les Suites has it all! The best location close to the famous lakes of Copenhagen, a relaxed roof-top bar perfect for ending the day with a cocktail on hand, every suite equipped with beautiful Balinese four-posted beds - and overall the most luxurious accommodations in a mix of edgy, urban vibe and exotic extravaganza.

The hotel also houses a sauna, a gym, a restaurant, basically everything you could wish for on your trip to Copenhagen. Or just everything you could dream for on an everyday basis; Manon Les Suites is a favourite hang-out for locals, so there is an excellent chance to mingle with fun-loving Copenhageners, particularly during one of the popular pool parties, which are on every Friday during summer.

And to make the experience even better, a visit to this fantastic hotel comes with a clean conscience. Manon Les Suites is Green Globe certified, which means that every aspect of the daily operations is an effort to make a better and greener world.

Manon Les Suites Gyldenløvesgade 19 1600 Copenhagen
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