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A Step Towards an Inclusive City

A Step Towards an Inclusive City

Cirkelbroen is unique in its own right. Danish-Icelandic artist extraordinaire Olafur Eliasson is behind this wonderful piece of architecture; he means for the circle bridge to inspire the people of Copenhagen to slow down and take a break.

One of Copenhagen's newest bridges has quickly become a city landmark. Cirkelbroen (The Circle Bridge) is designed by world-renowned Danish–Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The bridge was opened in 2015 and is a present from the Nordea Foundation to the city of Copenhagen. Cirkelbroen is located on Christianshavn and enhances an already lively and attractive waterfront. Around 5,000 people cross the bridge every day. Olafur Eliasson hopes that people will use the bridge as a meeting place and that the zigzag design of it will encourage them to slow down and take a break.

02a7c656daf970e1bcc6bcde3ef436d4 Olafur Eliasson has made some of the most spectacular and recognisable art installations in Denmark.

”In Denmark, there is a strong tradition of focusing on inclusion, on accepting the other – welcoming ideas that we have not yet had, people we have not yet met, and unpredictable encounters. It’s something we all have to work on together, and one way of addressing this is in how we plan public space. Cirkelbroen, I hope, will contribute to improving the quality of life and the development of a hospitable and inclusive city” says Olafur Eliasson.

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