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Art meets Architecture // A Painting on Fire

Art meets Architecture // A Painting on Fire
When architecture and art are brought together, it adds an extra dimension. The clear lines of architecture are challenged and embraced in the meeting with the creative art scene, resulting in an extraordinary symbiosis. DANISH™ looks at Peter Skovgaard's work at Aarhus City Tower.

rkitema Architects has designed a 23-storey City Tower in the Danish city, Aarhus, creating a new landmark for the town. It is home to a hotel and various companies and includes underground parking. Not only is it the second tallest building in Aarhus, but it also merges architecture with art created by Danish artist Peter Skovgaard.

“We wanted the hallway to be able to embrace all the different people that come through it. By adding the artwork, we created a space that embraces and welcomes the visitor. 2D and 3D supplement each other as space and the architecture meet the artwork,” says the Senior Creative Manager at Arkitema, Mette Skibsholt, adding, “the artwork possesses a lot of qualities, and with this project, the qualities from the art world and the architectural scene melts together."


Abstract motifs decorate three-metre large acrylic glass plates that are lit up by LED strip lights, making the artwork change colour every minute. The ever-changing expression makes a magnificent contrast to the sleek and minimalistic form of the building.

Peter Skovgaard explains, “You could say that I set fire to the painting. It is a bit old school in contrast to the building and slightly informal compared to the very formal building. It is a deliberate way to enhance the contrasts”.

4a54c7150429342877b7cff35bf8a28f Peter Skovgaard’s art continues upwards as you ascend the floor to where the accountancy firm Deloitte’s office is. A 28-metre long artwork embellishes the wall and doors of the hallway. As a complete contrast to the downstairs artwork, this one is matte and sets a beautiful background to the amazing view you have over the city from this floor.  




The different expressions of the two artworks supplement each other and connect the diverse functions of each floor by interacting with the architecture, which, as a result, seems more spacious.

“When art meets architecture in the right way, both the architecture as well as the art reach a new dimension. It is a demanding process but is successful when both parties are humble” says Peter Skovgaard.

This story is part of a three-piece series, originally published as the DANISH single; "When Art meets Architecture". Words DANISH™ (edited from original) Photos ERIK BALLE POULSEN
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