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Artful Fashion

Artful Fashion
A new Scandi brand is transforming streetwear into art, literally. ARTiiG by Nature makes the most fantastic hoodies and sweatshirts with illustrations from artists Wendy Plovmand, all limited edition. 5fddf2e9d52392502bb57c9d1fa61441 Male model: Gustav (Gossip Models). Female model: Wilma (Scoop Models). Photo by Sacha Maric/sachamaric.com/ARTiiG by Nature.

It's actually wearable art! ARTiiG by Nature just launched their first limited edition collection of hoodies and sweatshirts, that all have prints from artist and illustrator Wendy Plovmand. Each style is titled and numbered in the same manner as printed artworks and accompanied by a card describing the artistic thought behind it. The idea is to present art to a new and broader audience.

The designs are exiting in their own right, but ARTiiG also steps it up by working from an ethical and environmentally conscious ethos. All their designs are made from 100{42e511ede14fa23f71d9ffd9bcfe7d2adfa8c9c1c8e0ff87cc285b41f814e7a0} organic cotton. We love this fresh approach to fashion from ARTiiG, and we can't wait to see, where they are taking this amazing concept!

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