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Artistic Deco Vases

Artistic Deco Vases
We're always looking for new items with Scandi vibes to enhance our home decor. The stunning Deco vases from Design House Stockholm, with their perfectly minimalist artful look, are just right for achieving that goal.


The Deco Vase from Design House Stockholm is the perfect super stylish and Scandi chic vase to house both bouquets and simple greens. The inspiration for the print comes from "patterns in nature and the world of textile fabrics with a mixture of effects in the weave,” designer Ann Wåhlström explains.

And of course, the vases are equally beautiful on their own, as simple decoration or vessels. The artistic look with black-and-white watercolour paints gives the Scandinavian minimalism a zen vibe - simply upgrading any home decor to the next level.

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