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Bricks on the Inside

Bricks on the Inside
Idyllic brick houses are an iconic part of the architectural landscape in Scandinavia. Using bricks as the central focus of the interior in new design can be a stunning homage to existing standards. DANISH™ has had a look at two very different, equally incredible, houses done up with bricks galore. Brick houses are a common sight in Denmark, but these architects have taken it one step further by making the bricks visible inside the home. Although the two building projects are very different, considerations about fabric and references to a certain building tradition were a common theme when we asked the architects about the extended use of bricks in houses.

The Hunting Lodge at Henne Kirkeby Inn – by Tegnestuen Mejeriet architects


On the west coast of Denmark, we find the historic inn Henne Kirkeby Inn, which dates back to 1790. Tegnestuen Mejeriet, the architect studio known for its ability to renew architecture, took charge of a large-scale renovation of the inn buildings, starting in 2008. With the inn having a long history, it was important for the architect to retain the character of the buildings. As a part of the renovation of an additional house, ‘The Hunting Lodge’, was built to accommodate even more guests at the inn.

Incidentally, it’s worth noting that Henne Kirkeby Inn is famous for serving great meals and have just been awarded a second Michelin star last year and is one of only three two-starred restaurants in Denmark. So, now you can enjoy the magnificent architecture of Henne Kirkeby Inn while eating at one of the best restaurants Denmark has to offer.

Villa Bayview – by E+N Architecture A/S

The completely new Villa Bayview is a perfect example of what we mean by the extended use of bricks in a house. Bringing the fabric into the house adds a certain style to the interior that’s often lacking in traditional homes. As architect Kjeld G. Ghozati explained: “Bricks have a wonderful quality that is very captivating when lightened by grazing. Using bricks for both the outside and the inside of a house binds the exterior and the interior together.” Being a brand new house offered endless possibilities when developing its architecture, but E+N Architecture A/S had a vision that aligned well with one of the contractors: “The contractor and the studio had a common dream of creating a villa that exudes materiality.” 6fa878cc1a8533ab8f77dfb65ae460a1  
From left to right: Montana Panton one chair, Montana Weave beige bookcase, Montana Panton table.
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