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CFW // MUF10

CFW // MUF10
The excitement is real at Copenhagen Fashion Week after streetwear brand MUF10 stood up for women's rights and used their SS19 show to make a solid, political statement.

The Punks in the United Kingdom during the 60's or the Black Power Movement in the United States in the 70's - fashion has a history of protest and political activism, and this time is the turn for Reza Etamadi to raise his voice with the compelling designs of MUF10.

17d75a7ab7c1ac4f32c77287758a9015.jpeg The young, powerful streetwear brand used the SS19 collection and show to make a statement. Every element was set to challenge the rise of the political right in Europe and critique the niqab and burka ban that recently became a reality in Denmark. "Imagine" by the Beatles blasted through as Amina Adan, Denmark’s first headscarf-wearing model, entered the runway in the first look. MUF10 used the traditional attire as a compliment for the brand's signature tees, tracksuits and trench coats. For the finale, three policemen appeared on stage joining women in black niqabs and handing them flowers. More than a fashion show, this was a clear statement pro humans rights. But note, that the creative work of MUF10 supports the political stance all the way.

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