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CFW // Young Brands Shining Bright

CFW // Young Brands Shining Bright
The runways of Copenhagen Fashion Week showed fantastic SS19 proposals overall. And the presentations from the many younger brands were no exception. Heliot Emil, Cecile Bahnsen and Martin Asbjørn delivered outstanding shows. The younger group of brands presenting at Copenhagen Fashion Week delivered some of the season's most eye-catching shows. We're immensely impressed by the strong identity demonstrated in their work, despite having only a few previous collections. Heliot Emil, Cecilie Bahnsen and Martin Asbjørn were among the standouts. Heliot Emil The expression "fashion-forward" takes on a new sense with Heliot Emil. It's the second time this young brand presents at Copenhagen Fashion Week, but brothers Julius and Victor Juul have already conquered the masses. Their style is bold and powerful, and their unisex clothes represent a strong Scandinavian monochromatic aesthetic, with a clean colour palette of white, grey and black, and lots of transparencies. Heliot Emil has developed an extremely eye-catching point of view that will no doubt conquer the streetwear scene. Cecilie Bahnsen Extremely feminine and voluminous shapes are key for Cecilie Bahnsen that in only three years has proved herself to be a true star. Her SS19 collection reflects a vintagey school-uniform vibe that is easily recognisable through her signature bell silhouettes and huge puffy sleeves. The young Danish designer has a strong vision and impeccable execution of it. She is one to keep an eye on! Martin Asbjørn 100{42e511ede14fa23f71d9ffd9bcfe7d2adfa8c9c1c8e0ff87cc285b41f814e7a0} Success Club is the name of Martin Asbjørn's SS19 collection, that revolves around the challenges tied to coming of age and having to learn how to dress to impress. The mix of casual athleisure and sharp tailoring echoes this life stage when young guys often replace the hoodies and blazers for shirts and ties. But with his fashion-forward colour palette and fresh mix of aesthetics Martin Asbjørn pushes forward the idea that in today's society confidence and personal style are more important than dress codes.
From left to right: Won Hundred Shiloh coat, House of Dagmar Caddie shirt, Filippa K Raphael trenchcoat.
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