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Conscious Designing

Conscious Designing

These days interiors need to be more than just aesthetically appealing; they have to be considerate towards the World and its natural resources. The sustainable and conscious design is filling up our homes.

Sustainable furniture design is all about picking longlasting products, doing visually exciting designs, and making them of the right materials with fair trade origins. And no one does that more innovatively and thoughtfully, than Scandinavian brands.

From left to right: Montana Møbler system, Montana read bookshelf

Montana Møbler takes environmental and social responsibility seriously. All production is local, in Denmark, so they can have full control during the whole process, which allows them to achieve high-quality standards. Also, they use only water-based lacquer colours and offer a replenishment guarantee, so you can be sure that your furniture will live a long-happy-life with you.

9d2fed145697dfdf03460036df65a67f We do Wood

"Always seek the better alternative" is the mantra for We do Wood. Sustainability is at the core of every design-decision for this brand that for example uses bamboo instead of more traditional woods like oak, pine and cedar. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials, thanks to its fast growth and sturdy structure.

8e1ad5b436fe4cf9fa629e4c41a9abdf Another important factor in sustainable design is the ethical practices throughout the supply chain. AYTM, as part of the Gran Living group, is a brand that is committed with the UN Global Compact into fighting child labour and modern day slavery. On another point, the Scandi cities are absolute luxury vintage design Mekkas! And nothing is more sustainable than vintage - so do some conscious shopping and land yourself a unique souvenir, when you come to visit. In Copenhagen, you shouldn't miss Dansk Form, and in Stockholm, Bacchus Antik is the place to go. 8c32343c53f878d4242e87ef25ee74ce
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