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Cool Shades and Crazy Names

Cool Shades and Crazy Names
Kaibosh glasses are more than just a perfect frame; they also tell a story through their names. A Scandinavian in New York and Flight DY968 are just a couple of the fantastic titles of the Norwegian brand's sunnies - and they're not just coincidental either.
From left to right: A Scandinavian in New York tortoise shiny sunglasses, Miss Joplin purple gaze round sunglasses
b5e39f96da2e19869c8881a4a10f1e02A Scandinavian in New York, Shut up and Keep Talking, Miss Joplin in Cactus Hallucination - these are all valid answers to the question: "Hey, what sunnies are you wearing?" Norwegian brand Kaibosh name all their stunning glasses in fantastically inventive, and fun, ways. "We felt that most of the time in the eyewear and fashion world the names of the products were just functional or an afterthought. When we started Kaibosh, we understood how important all elements of the product are in creating an amazing brand. Even the name can evoke emotion towards our brand," says co-founder Michelle Rowley, who swears by the styles Gonzo, Miss Joplin, and 6’Above.

Kaibosh spends a lot of time coming up with the playful and creative names that always have us so excited when trying to find our favorite pair - and we're not alone:

"People come into our stores and ask for products by their name – or they meet people in the street, and they can name the sunglasses their friend is wearing! It takes the product to a totally different level."

From left to right: Oh Behave! sunglasses, Material Boy sunglasses, Charlie's girl sunglasses.

We can't help but wonder, what inspires the names? Sometimes it's the shape, but often also places and experiences familiar to the brand:

"For example, our Scandinavian Stories collection is related to places which are important to us in Scandinavia; Södermalm Scenario/Vesterbro Weekend and Flight DY968 – the flight between Bergen and Copenhagen which we're doing almost every week," Michelle explains. We're going to smack on a pair of Junebugs or some The Woodstock Effect in Magic Chocolate and seize the day. Which Kaibosh name will you be wearing when we see you in the sun?

From left to right: Junbug Remix sunglasses, Shut up & keep talking, The Woodstock effect magic sunglasses.
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