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FW STHLM // Grandiose Graduates

FW STHLM // Grandiose Graduates

The students of The Swedish School of Textiles kicked off Fashion Week Stockholm with a powerful bang! The opening show featured no less than 25 design graduates, that overall delivered an incredibly impressive and experimental show.

Bold, colourful, experimental, provocative, fashion-forward - all are ways to describe yesterday's opening presentation at FW STHLM, where 25 young newly graduated designers delivered a runway show to remember. The Swedish School of Textiles is a highly regarded design school, and it's clear to see why. Watch the entire show here.

Designers // Collections

Linn Sohl, U/NITEDA // Elin Holm, Printograms // Sarah Ljungdahl, Smock x Knit // Emma Granberg Silfors // (Untitled) // Linn Sjögren, Tourist // August Gille,(Untitled) // Karolina Centeno Norberg, (Untitled) // Ebba Andersson, Of Line // Axel Backlund, A Bunch of Motherfuckers // Josephine Persson, Attention to Details // Stina Randestad, HYBRIDS // Alice Jardesten, Clashing Context // Linda Dekhla, Weaving Dress // Matilda Envall, The Story of a Dress // Matilda Forssblad, BRAVEHEART FASHION WEAR – Dressing titles // Kajsa Willumsen, Dressing // Malin Westman, Babewear // Josefine Gennert Jakobsson, Who’s Tooth? Houndstooth! // Lynn Tallvod, SADVERTISING // Stina Larsson, "PLASTIC_SOUL” // Linda Aasaru, Inverted Archaeology (- exploring representations of garments through their negative form) // Carolina Johansson, Girl Get Dressed/Ready to Wear // Mario Eurenius, Dick International // Rebecca Karlsson, The Iconic Flower // Helga Halldórsdóttir, (Untitled)

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