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Going Sporty

Going Sporty
The FIFA World Cup excitement has gotten to us, and we can't wait to join the fun in our most sporty outfits. Luckily athleisure fashion is always in style, so even if you're more into cheering from the sidelines than really springing a sweat, you can pull off an effortlessly cool football inspired look.
From top left to bottom right: Kaibosh midnight Ernest sunglasses, Designer Remix Sydni cardigan, ARKK Raven white nude sneakers, Designer Remix Jamia knit pants, Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur Diamanda Panda fur charm, HOPE Stockholm Orchard bag.

We are of course dreaming for one of the Scandi teams to secure the World Cup, but no matter the outcome, we want an über cool outfit to root for our favourite players in. And we're definitely going for a vintage vibe this time around. Pair the classic sporty getup with a more edgy bag and a great pair of sunnies - and don't forget your lucky charm to send out the best possible vibes. Go, team!

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