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Gourmet Rooms // Höst

Gourmet Rooms // Höst
Rustic and refined at the same time, Copenhagen-based Höst deserves a top spot on the list of Scandinavian restaurants that not only deliver grade A cuisine but an incredible dining environment.

The name of Copenhagen-based restaurant Höst translates to harvest, which couldn't be more appropriate when looking at both menu and interior design of this gourmet room. The New Nordic based cuisine goes perfectly with the restaurants interior, that comes from a collaboration of renowned Norm Architects and design brand Menu.



435b2c65bf096c747b5f2fcb6a8f95ca Scandinavian minimalism mixed with green plants, rustic, sophisticated and cosy all at the same time. Even the tableware is specially designed for the restaurant. It is no surprise that Höst has won several international design awards, the worlds best-designed restaurant (Restaurant & Bar Design Award) and worlds most beautiful restaurant (Travel + Leisure), to name a few. fd01554150197eefa7638f6ccf28898d Höst Nørre Farimagsgade 41 1346 Copenhagen K Denmark
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