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Iconic Armchairs from Danish Geniuses

Iconic Armchairs from Danish Geniuses
Danish furniture designers have always been notoriously fascinated with chairs, and that has resulted in some truly amazing designs that are absolute classics today. We're getting our "hygge" on by looking at some of the most iconic armchairs ever made. 15a29e9c1fdc856d9089bd1b9fa20319.png Right now, we're feeling cozy and laid back; the perfect mood to dream about armchairs. So we've gathered a selection of some of the most iconic pieces out of Denmark's golden age of furniture design. Kick back and enjoy these astonishing armchairs. Functional design was the dream for architect Børge Mogensen, who in 1959 created  “the Spanish Chair”. Robust, clean, rugged perfection!     b66ea7278f4f74b30e5c4d92269626d6   Hans J. Wegner designed more than 500 chairs, some of them so famous that they are part of permanent collections at museums like the MET. The totally unique “Flag Halyard Chair” created in 1950 is minimalist chill at its best.  

Arne Jacobsen was extremely inspired by nature and its organic shapes; in 1958 he created "The Egg™", and if a top 10 of iconic chairs in the world were made, this would definitely be ranking high.

If there is an armchair iconic for its sculptural shape, it's the Corona Chair by Poul Volther created in the period between 1961-1964. You might recognise it from movies and tv-shows like Carnal Knowledge, and Madmen: Just proving how emblematic the Corona is for mid-century Danish modern design.

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