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Journey of Moments

Journey of Moments
Danish watch-brand About Vintage raise the bar for what a timepiece can be. Their pieces are not only stunning and ooze of impeccable craftsmanship; they all have their own unique story to tell. 2208b8a03b5fd45a18ae589c5ca0ec51

If you think a wristwatch is a cold thing only good for telling time - think again. Danish watch-brand About Vintage pours passion and meaning into every timepiece and lets you feel it.

Founders Sebastian Skov and Thomas Andersen work from the romantic philosophy that their watches are quiet witnesses to their owners' lives:
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"The journey (life) will take you through eventful moments and memorable days to occasions that change your whole perspective. We hope that one day your watch will make you look back at it all."

About Vintage watches combine the classic with the modern and pay homage to the tradition and history of the watch; Each model is named after historic milestones – from model 1815 referencing the year the chronograph technique was invented, to model 1971 celebrating the anniversary of the Swiss trademark.

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