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Live and Let Love

Live and Let Love
Honouring freedom to love and diversity is the core of the Scandinavian Pride celebrations. This week Copenhagen has been covered in rainbows for Pride Week and today lends its streets to one of the biggest parades in the North. Won Hundred joins the party with a fashionable message of love. Copenhagen Pride Week is on, with everything it entails - the rainbow flag is everywhere, its colours spreading a message of freedom, mutual respect and love, love, love! The culmination is, of course, a massive parade, that takes over the city today in a fun and colourful celebration. And Danish brand Won Hundred takes part in promoting the good cause. For the second year in a row, they have collaborated with Amnesty International Denmark and Scoop Models, to create a charity unisex t-shirt with the message "Love is not a crime" printed in the front.

The T-shirt is a fashionable way of raising awareness about the human rights fight going on in many parts of the world. The back lists all countries and regions, where people of the LGBTQIA+ community are still persecuted. All proceeds go to Amnesty International and their fight to end that injustice.  We are wearing ours with pride!

From left to right: Won Hundred Layne white rubber logo t-shirt, Won Hundred Layne black rubber logo T-shirt
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