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Merging the Lines Between Fashion and Art

Merging the Lines Between Fashion and Art
FAN OUT throws a curveball to artists and designers, getting them to work in experimental collabs within art, crafts and fashion. The result is always astonishing.
Since Copenhagen Fashion Week 2015, FAN OUT has been a part of the set-up. The exhibition's focus is on experimenting in the space between art, fashion and craft. The fourth edition recently took place in The Brown Meat City in Copenhagen's creative hub; The Meat Packing District, and it did not disappoint.

Danish/French photographer and designer, Sabine Poupinel is behind the format and curates the mix of artists and fashion designers, that are challenged to experiment with their own and each other's crafts and expressions. The participants range from brand new and untested to established stars.

We can tell you, that FAN OUT is well worth a second look - and a visit if you find yourself in the neighborhood next time around.

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