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Midsummer Dreamy

Midsummer Dreamy

It's time to celebrate Summer Solstice, and in Sweden that includes dressing up in flowy dresses and flower crowns. Get inspired by the annual "Midsommar Fest" for your next summer outfit.

From top left to bottom right: By TiMo floral print jumpsuit, Kaibosh city survivor blushing pixie shiny sunglasses, Triwa blue bracelet No. 3, and Designer Remix Gigi pouch clutch.

This weekend will be all about fun, sun, and flower crowns in Sweden. Summer Solstice is here, and the Swedes turn that into one of the biggest parties of the year, Midsommar Fest. It starts today and continues till Sunday, and the dress code is cute, flowy dresses and flowers in the hair. We're inspired by the traditional celebration and bring you our version of the perfect midsummer outfit.

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