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Mirror, mirror on the...

Mirror, mirror on the...

...wall - or table, or face! No matter what type of mirror shows your reflection, you are the fairest of them all and deserve to get a glimpse of that as often as possible. From sunglasses to trays, we've collected our favourite mirrored items for you.

Hey gorgeous, how about you take a look at yourself every chance you get - and really see how fantastic you are! We're making it easy for you to practice a little daily self-appreciation with this collection of marvellous mirrors.

From top left to bottom right: HOPE Stockholm Trick windbreaker, Montana Oval mirror, Montana Later mirror & cabinet comboKaibosh Stage serenity Obsidian Shiny sunglasses.

Let's start with the classic - a mirror on the wall. Hang one of these stunners from Montana in every room and let them pay you compliments all day long. They don't have to be big to show the truth; tiny little mirrors work just fine for giving yourself a wink of approval. We are living for these Kaibosh sunnies' crystal cut mirror detail.

These stunning mirror trays from AYTM come in different colours and sizes that mix perfectly together for a reflective table setting that shines to the gods. These are the epitome of good taste with an edge.

Okay, so this windbreaker from HOPE is not a mirror per say, but it's certainly shiny enough to reflect your gorgeous self.

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