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Music from the Melting Pot

Music from the Melting Pot
Fastpoholmen have their own way of going about music and performance. The quirky sounds of the Swedish/Danish eight-man band and their offbeat style is something quite unique, and well worth your time!

A vibrant mix of musical genres like Swedish folk, reggae, blues, jazz and electronic, come together in the characteristic beats of Fastpoholmen. They started as a two-person family-project in 2008 with cousins Adam and Dawn Fastholm but has now grown to an impressive eight-man band.


The Fastholms actually have Danish origins, but after living in Sweden for a long time, writing and singing in their second language felt natural. Therefore it is Swedish phonetics that connect softly with the insisting melodies of Fastpoholmen.

The bands' quirky and experimental vibe is uniquely soft and hardcore at the same time, and the band has since the very beginning captured the hearts of music lovers and critics all around Scandinavia. Their live performances are ones to watch, and if you find yourself in the North this summer, you should check them out.
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