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The Darkest Beat

The Darkest Beat


Anarchy, anxiety and apprehension. Danish punk-rock band Iceage knows how to translate the dark edges of today’s society into musical art that pushes all boundaries and is earning them fame all over the world.

Iceage was formed in 2008, when the group of four young guys where only 17 years old. Since their debut released in 2011, they've come out with four acclaimed albums; each one uncompromisingly expressing their deepest feelings, questioning existentialism and romanticism in an obscure and melodramatic way. In their fourth album, Beyondless, which was released at the beginning of May this year, the quartet talks about broken systems, drugs and depression.


Iceage just kicked off a US tour yesterday and are playing all over Europe and Scandinavia this year - including of course Denmark, where we recommend you catch them at the festival by the sea Music in Lejet or new festival Journey happening at the notorious free-town Christiania. We can tell you, their live shows are out of this world!

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