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Scandi Classic // Black in Black

Scandi Classic // Black in Black
Black is always the new black for Scandinavians - and they do know how to make the most out of this dark but chic colour. It's a well-known fact, that Scandinavians love - we mean LOVE - the colour black when it comes to fashion. Neither long winters nor cold winds, that might call for muted outfit choices, can really be blamed; no matter the season you will always find black as a predominant colour in Northern fashion. And what is not to love of the almighty lifesaver of any what-to-wear crisis? We are definitely obsessed with black, especially with those items that make you look stylish in the most effortless way. Something numerous designers, fortunately, have a constant love affair with creating, resulting in outfits that make a runway out of the streets of any Scandi capital. 49a4bdd5201eaeff9428c83e17d24a00.png Choose to go black with a touch of chic or street, elegant or rock 'n' roll - the style is secondary, but for a true Scandi fashion lover, black is not ever just back in style, it never left! We've gathered some best-of-black inspiration for you to go Scandi Classic.
From top left to bottom right: Designer Remix Mattie scallop dress, Hygge watch, Hærværk, Hope shirt cotton linen blend shirt jacket, ARKK sneakers, House of Dagmar knit top.
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