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Summer Sauna de'Luxe

Summer Sauna de'Luxe
Saunas are a big deal in Finnish culture, which the Finnish expression "build the sauna, then the house" attests to. But in Löyly Sauna in Helsinki, even the steam feels high class, thanks to its amazing architecture and stunning location. 3037ea8203adeb9a7c88beceab44ba90

Some might think the Finns' notorious love of the sauna is a bit exaggerated. Think again. In a country of 5,4 million people, you will find a staggering 2 million public saunas - and that's on top of the fact that most private homes also are equipped with one of the relaxing hot-boxes. So yes, if you visit Finland, you absolutely need to try sauna. We suggest you try one of the most luxurious and beautiful ones; the Löyly Sauna in Helsinki. Sauna is, of course, a year-round activity in Finland, and Löyly is perfect for summer with its beautiful location right by the harbour, so you can swim in the sea while you visit. But the true wonder of this place is the architecture.


The wooden structure is outstanding in itself. And everything is thoughtfully planned out to give a perfectly cohesive experience. From the big terrace partly on top of the sea, so you can hear the sound of the waves under your feet, before going in and getting immersed in the soft, minimalistic vibe created by varying lightings, which define different ambiences throughout the interconnected rooms. Löyly counts three different types of saunas - all heated with wood - a spa area, a fireplace room, and the swimming areas.

If you are looking to go true Viking with some winter swimming, this is also the place! The brave can go for an "avanto" swim - dipping into the sea through a hole in the ice, which is a very popular hobby in Finland. Chilly, but well worth it, when the reward is relaxing in Löyly, which actually is the Finnish word for the steam that comes from throwing water on hot stones in a sauna.

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