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The One and Only Monkey

The One and Only Monkey
A Kay Bojesen Monkey inhabits an abundance of Scandinavian homes. The cheerful wooden monkey is one of the most recognisable Danish designs ever made. The first Kay Bojesen monkeys were born in 1951, and they have not changed much over time, their soulful and impish expression eternally fixed in the 31 parts that make up each specimen. However, each monkey is entirely unique due to the variable colour of the golden brown teak.  


  Every single monkey is handmade in Denmark under Rosendahl Copenhagen. The cute fellows are always comprised of sustainable teak and limba wood. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the monkey will be swinging from your shelf or sitting on your dressing tables forever and ever if you like. You can even choose to form a little diverse monkey troop at home, as the creatures these days come in three different sizes.
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