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Whimsical Creations

Whimsical Creations
Danish brand Aviendo knows how to design for our home in a way that makes us dream and puts a permanent smile on our face. We're absolutely charmed! Some of the most famous fairy tales were born in Denmark, thanks to Hans Christian Andersen. Danish design brand Aviendo pays homage to his iconic stories with their Fairy Tales Collection that feature the most fantastic wooden sculptures of The Ugly Duckling and The Nightingale. The purpose of the whimsical design is to invite us all to enrich our lives with joyful dreams. They certainly have us charmed with this little guy: Aviendo is a family owned company with a deep sense of community, their vision is to promote a modern, healthy and natural lifestyle, and through this be a reminder of the collective responsibility we all have for a shared future. Great craftsmanship, creativity and quality are the main ingredients in their timeless and elegant pieces that are both fun and beautiful.
From left to right: The nightingale midnight blue bird, walnut duckling in burgundy feet, the nightingale black bird.
Pssst ... there's more! Because they want to make the world more beautiful in every way they can, Aviendo actually also has a beauty line and an organic chocolate sub-brand. We can't wait to investigate those further.
Words MARIA MONTSERRAT Photos and video ©AVIENDO
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