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Collection: Miller Harris

Inspired by her childhood memories of long school holidays in the Scottish countryside, British perfumer Lyn Harris founded her brand, Miller Harris, in 2000. 

Classically trained in one of the highly prestigious schools of perfumery in Paris and then at Robertet in Grasse, Lyn Harris follows traditional core values in her creation process, utilizing a very high ratio of precious, natural essences in her perfumes for Miller Harris. These are airy, vibrant, truly niche fragrances. They are innovative yet timeless, delighting as much as posing their own little enigmas, always inspired by the fascinating prima material which catch the fertile imagination of their creator. As Lyn Harris herself says: “Life is a journey and I have the added pleasure of being able to share mine through my creations.” The bottles, beautifully hand-designed with artistic representations of flowers and plants, speak of the quiet luxury and austerity which characterize the Miller Harris brand.



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