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Next Level Fashion House

Next Level Fashion House
A backwards visit to Won Hundred's forward-thinking headquarters in Copenhagen. The edgy Danish brand has gathered all work functions, showroom and flagship store under one roof and the result is an innovative fashion house with extremely good vibes.

You just pop in to shop and browse for a minute - but once you enter Won Hundred's flagship store in Østergade, Copenhagen, you kind of don't feel like leaving again. The stunning store is connected to the brand's conceptualized headquarters, and the air oozes of good energy, joviality and busy fashion house.

Last year Denmarks bad-boy-brand No. 1 relocated to new rooms and in the same breath gathered all it's business branches under one roof in a new concept house. So flagship store, showroom, marketing, accounting, design department (and everything in between) is all located in the same three-story space. No doors divide the different departments and their employees, so the day-to-day activity vibes of effortless communication and anti-hierarchy; connected as one big happy fashion family. We love it!

Won Hundred's Creative Director Nikolaj Nielsen has designed the beautiful store in collaboration with Moon International. And the Swedish design group, Magniberg is behind the minimalist wooden furniture that impresses throughout the house.

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