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Gourmet Rooms - The New Noma

Gourmet Rooms - The New Noma

The world's best restaurant on numerous occasions, multiple Michelin stars and a reputation for serving some of the planet's most cutting-edge cuisine - Noma in Copenhagen has quite the resume.

f48c8585e44599fec637c02476277866 Photo by Irina Boersma for Studio David Thulstrup (cropped from original)/courtesy of Noma.

As the brainchild of culinary genius René Redzepi, the menu is of course relentlessly fantastic, but in our Gourmet Rooms series, we look beyond what's on the plate. It just so happens that Noma recently reopened on a brand new location, and my oh my, the new restaurant is truly something for design addicts and interior gourmants to feast upon.

Studio David Thulstrup is behind the minimalist yet homely masterpiece, where oak, pine, fir and brick takes center stage.

"It's very Scandinavian without any of the clichés of Nordic design. I looked to all eras, particularly less-explored Scandinavian furniture and art references," says Thulstrup.

a62f4930aa5154ddeeaab919600992e8 Photo by Irina Boersma for Studio David Thulstrup/courtesy of Noma.

The approach to design and material even keeps with the guidelines of Redzepi's New Nordic Cuisine, everything is made from the best local materials, handcrafted by dedicated craftsmen. "Everything is carefully selected, curated or designed and nothing screams more than the other. The whole thing has this sense of coherence and a 360 degrees holistic approach," Thulstrup says.

Indeed, every area of the new Noma ties perfectly together and lends to an extraordinary dining experience, genuinely touched by the Northern spirit. 332cb663d6b6ff538a3e81445dc96c3d Photo by Irina Boersma for Studio David Thulstrup/courtesy of Noma.
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